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fairy and rose

We specialize in all things tiny, wondrous and magical. We sell supplies and gifts wares to help you design miniature landscapes at home.

In our blog, we share tips about designing and building miniature landscapes. We also explore the mythology and folklore of nature spirits from all around the world.

Our business owner is Lisa Dunbar Solas. Lisa is an Australian researcher, educator and artist. Her main research interest examines how ancient cultures established and maintained relationships with Nature. Since childhood, she has been exploring the wondrous world of the fairies and often wrote short tales of her adventures.

You can learn more about Lisa and her educational services at: www.ancientexplorer.com.au

Partner Stores

Please visit our partner stores we have partnered with a range of sites to offer a variety of products:

The Birthday Shop

We celebrate birthdays and milestones because we celebrate life and the time we have on this earth is precious, so we decided to create T-Shirts and other accessories to do just that plus more. Enjoy!

Nature’s Tees

Nature’s Tee’s designs and sells apparel and accessories for wild earth goddesses. We aim to scatter the seeds of beauty, grace and positivity with our nature-based designs.

Fun Education Tees

At Fun Education Tees we know education is important but we can’t help to be a little cynical about it. Once you visit our shop you’ll know why.

Coffee Gifts Shop

The Coffee Gifts Shop have a range of coffee related items for every one who loves coffee. All our products include free worldwide shipping.

fairy at garden
fairy at garden