Making Art with the Fairies

Published: 12 Nov, 2020
Making art with the fairies

Making art with the fairies can truly be a magical experience.  Recently, I decided to create a fairy journal to record my encounters with my little garden friends. As I continue to stitch the pages of my journal together, I have begun to play with my watercolour paints.

Fairy Art Challenges

Like many, I have always loved making art about the fairies, but I wasn’t always confident in my ability to draw or paint. While I loved to draw pictures and tell stories about  flower fairies as a little girl, by the time I entered my teen years, I lost confidence in my abilities. Like many children, as I grew, I wanted to be able to create realistic images of objects, peoples and places. I especially wanted to create more life-like fairies. I tried several times but when I didn’t produce the kind of image I wanted, I gave up, believing that I couldn’t do it. I simply just didn’t have the talent.

Does that sound familiar? According to Betty Edwards, the author of the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain), this is a common challenge children face. In her book, she outlines a couple of amazing techniques to help overcome it.

Despite my challenges, I continued to write stories and enjoy the beautiful art and tales by Beatrix Potter, Cicley Mary Barker and May Gibbs.

Meeting Her Royal Highness Queen Gumnut
When I was nineteen, something magical happened. I was living in a semi-rural property situated on a wide-plain, sparsely populated by gum trees. In the house, there was a fireplace. One evening, I felt a sudden impulse to draw. Without thinking too much, I took a cold piece of charcoal from the fire and began to draw on a piece of paper. Within minutes, the contours of a fairy appeared. This was no ordinary fairy but a queen! Her name was her royal highest Gumnut fairy, to be exact!

For me, this experience was magical. While sketching I wasn’t thinking of making art about fairies. I was just immersed in the creative flow. As I looked at my sketch, joy ignited my heart.

There are different ways to create. When I make art with a chatty and judgemental voice in my head, nothing I do works out. I think the secret to making art with the fairies is to be very present and go with the flow.

So, I can’t wait to make art in my new journal. For now, I am sketching. My latest piece is of a little gumnut girl called Avery, with her bear-like mama, the beautiful Koala. I will be revealing these pages on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I invite you to connect with me there.

If you would like to learn more about the Australian nature spirits, especially the gumnut babies, I recommend you read May Gibbs, Meet Snuggle pot and Cuddle Pie or Gumnut Babies Treasury

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